Vinprom Distributing LLC is an import and wine distribution company focused exclusively on bringing the Best and Hippest Bulgarian Wine to the US Markets.  We routinely visit Bulgaria to personally discover the best wineries and winemakers.  We are passionate about our wines and all things Bulgarian!

Our story begins on March 6th, 2011.  I had been invited to celebrate the Bulgarian Day of Forgiveness with some friends I had just met.  I arrived at the door and handed over a cake to the sister of my host.  “Please forgive me for whatever misdeeds I may have committed in the past year,” I said.  “Even for the things you don’t know that I did!”  The sister took the cake and smiled at me.  “You are forgiven, Charlie.  Please come in.”  Red and white yarn was brought and tied to my wrist.  It was the martenitsa, an ancient symbol for peace, love, good health and happiness.

During the meal I was introduced to shopska salad, benitsa, and of course the famous rakia brandy!  And my host said something to me: “We are very proud of our rakia, but what we are most proud of is our wine.”

A dream was born!

I plotted and planned my trip to Bulgaria.  I was determined to find the Best and Hippest Bulgarian Wines!  I made some great friends along my journey.  And I drank some great wines during my visits to the many vinproms in Bulgaria.

Here at Vinprom Distributing, we are committed to only the best that Bulgaria has to offer!


Chuck Eby, Manager Partner - March, 2012

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