Bulgaria boasts a rich winemaking history.  Winston Churchill would order 300 cases of Bulgarian Wine annually for his own personal cellar, and thousands of years beforehand, the region that is now Bulgaria was made famous because of its wine.  It is in the Land, and in their blood.

Bulgaria has a long and rich history.  Human settlements date back over 40 thousand years in this area.  Advanced forms of civilization were apparent around 5,000 BC.  Some of the world’s first jewelry was created in the region.

Head on over to the Varna Archeological Museum if you ever find yourself in the area.  Here you will see numerous golden adornments that were made between 4,400-4,200 BC.  Or head to the south-central region of Bulgaria to see the Plovdiv Roman Theatre, built in the 2nd century AD.

History and sight-seeing not your thing?  Not to worry!  Bulgaria is situated on the Black Sea and boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines that you will find anywhere.  Watch the sun come up over the Black Sea after a night of fun in the Resort town of Sunny Beach.  Or follow in the footsteps of the God Orpheus as you hike through the Rhodopi mountains in Southern Bulgaria.

I highly recommend a visit to Bulgaria.  The history is rich and the people are wonderful.  In the meantime, why not enjoy some fine Bulgarian Wine in your home?  Maybe you can’t go to Bulgaria tomorrow and enjoy their rich history, but you can enjoy a fine bottle of Bulgarian Wine with your friends and family right now!